Aged Care

Supporting you through the complexities of aged care.

The transition from the family home to an aged care facility would be inevitable if you or your loved ones lose the ability to live independently. Aged care is an area with complex rules and costs and that requires you to consider many factors including the decision as to whether to sell or rent the family home, which can be difficult to understand and handle.

Moreover, the loss of independence, the emotional upheaval and the financial implications together will also make your aged care experience more unsettling and overwhelming. Therefore, it’s critical to seek professional assistance and guidance.

At Goldfinity, we take extra care to understand the wishes of all family members concerned, as well as your financial considerations. We will guide you through the various options for in-home and residential care, associated costs, payment options and government support, to find out the most effective solution for you.

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact us.